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Mercedes-Benz R107 and C107

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Mercedes-Benz R107 (SL) and C107 (SLC)
MB R107.jpg
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Production SL: 1971–1989
SLC: 1971–1981300,175 built[1]
SL: 237,287
SLC: 62,888
Model years SL: 1972-1989
SLC: 1972-1981
Assembly SindelfingenWest Germany
East LondonSouth Africa (CKD)
Designer Joseph Gallitzendörfer; Friedrich Geiger (1968)
Body and chassis
Body style 2-door roadster
2-door coupe
Layout FR layout
Engine I6
2.8L (SL, SLC)
3.0L (SL)
3.5L (SL, SLC)
3.8L (SL, SLC)
4.2L (SL)
4.5L (SL, SLC)
5.0L (SL, SLC)
5.6L (SL)
Transmission Automatic
3 speed (350/450 SL/SLC)
4 ...